Dear all,

This is a heartfelt thank you to you all – and to the anonymous donor – for the wonderful success of the matching funds campaign.

The campaign exceeded the matching limit of £4,444 considerably. Thanks to the engagement of so many people, we raised £7,014 – which makes a total of £11,458.

It was wonderful to see that the campaign also attracted donations from outside the immediate sangha, which is a sign that we are beginning to reach an increasing number of people who respect our efforts and support our cause. This is what we had in mind for quite a while: Start from the inside, then attract the attention of people who are close to us and already know us, and eventually reach members of the public.

The marvellous event for the 25th anniversary provided of course also a very important contribution towards this campaign.

So thank you all again – for every donation big and small, and for spreading the word, which can be as valuable as actually making a donation.

I am sure we will set up a matching funds campaign again next year – so if there is anybody out there who might consider donating a larger sum of money, please contact us and we will see if and when we can set up another matching funds campaign to leverage your donation.

Much love,


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