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All your donations will be doubled between now and the 30th of Nov 2018

As Sang-ngak-chö-dzong approaches the 25th anniversary of its establishment, we come also incredibly close to reaching our initial fundraising goal of £500.000 to found the Buddhist retreat centre we are attempting to establish in Wales.

Toward putting us over the top, a generous donor has offered to match every one-off or new ongoing donation made to the charity between the 1st and 30th of November 2018, up to a total of £4.444, €5.000, or $5.733. (Note that all donations are to be without return goods or services.)

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An invitation to a Vajrayana Buddhist Festival in Bristol

The Buddhist charity Sang-ngak-chö-dzong invites you to a very special event to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its formal establishment in 1993. So much has been accomplished since then, and this day of activities, talks and presentations gives us an opportunity to celebrate some of those accomplishments with you and to look forward to the future of the Aro gTér lineage in the UK and beyond.

For full programme and ticket reservation, please visit the event website.

Fundraising Appeal


Our goal is to raise £500,000 so that we can buy and create Drala Jong, a retreat centre in Wales. Please support our cause by making a donation.

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About Drala Jong


Drala Jong will be a place where human beings can discover the pleasure of existence – the pleasure that animates the sense fields and revitalises the Arts – and the art of living.

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Vajrayana Arts & Crafts

Explore some of the Vajrayana craft projects that have been undertaken by the Aro gTér sangha since the early 1980s.

Aro gTér Tradition

Lineage holder of the Aro gTer Buddhist tradition

The Aro gTér Tradition of the Nyingma Tradition of Buddhism is uniquely suited to the West, as its emphasis is on integration with the world of work, family life, and gender equality founded on active appreciation.

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