Drala Jong – A Buddhist Retreat Centre in Wales

Drala Jong

Drala Jong will be a place where human beings can discover the pleasure of existence – the pleasure that animates the sense fields and revitalises the Arts – and the art of living.

Creating Harmony in Society

Family teachings Drala Jong

‘Family environments which exemplify kindness, openness and an enthusiasm for life, are needed for there to be peace and harmony in the world. For these qualities to exist as examples for children, men and women need greater respect & appreciation for each other. The Aro gTér provides insight and methodology which are directly applicable to this need.’

— Ngak’chang Rinpoche & Khandro Déchen, Lineage holders of the Aro gTér

Establishing a retreat centre

Buddhist workshops at Drala Jong

Drala Jong is the name of a retreat centre we are looking to establish in Wales. It will be a place where people can study with experienced teachers – most of whom are married couples with children. Individuals will then be able to practise what they have assimilated – and return to their lives refreshed and invigorated. Open teaching retreats at Drala Jong will include guidance in systems of meditation, yogic song and music, physical yogas, romantic relationship – and, in the spiritual dimension of dance, art, and craft.

The name ‘Drala Jong’

Meditation in nature

The name ‘Drala Jong’, means ‘Sparkling Meadow of Primal Iridescence’. Of this name, Spiritual Directors Ngak’chang Rinpoche and Khandro Déchen write:

Drala Jong innately exists in human beings. ‘Drala’ is the appreciative faculty which exponentially enlivens people the more they engage with the world. Appreciation is the key to enjoyment and to the delighting in the enjoyment of others. When we learn to appreciate phenomena our sense fields ‘Jong’ begin to sparkle and a sense of generosity is born which connects us with others. Although Vajrayana Buddhism is by no means unknown in the West – the sense in which enjoyment and compassion are mutually interdependent remains unexpressed. We would like Drala Jong to be a place where human beings could discover the pleasure of existence – the pleasure that animates the sense fields and revitalises the Arts – and the art of living.

History and Vision

Retreat centre in Wales

The establishment of Drala Jong will be the fulfilment of the vision of Kyabjé Düd’jom Rinpoche, the most remarkable Tibetan Lama of the 20th Century and Head of the Nyingma Buddhist Tradition. In 1977, he gave Ngak’chang Rinpoche the personal instruction for the establishment of our organisation ‘Sang-ngak-chö-dzong’. Since its inception, the organisation and its spiritual directors – Ngak’chang Rinpoche and Khandro Déchen – have spread the teachings in Britain, the United States, Continental Europe and Scandinavia.

The establishment of Drala Jong will mark the first time in the history of the organisation that its administrative headquarters, a central repository for lineage treasures, a Buddhist library, and a major retreat centre all will be housed at the same place – to be enjoyed by current and future generations of people both from within an outside the tradition.

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