A monumental phurba for Drala Jong

Perhaps a bigger picture of one of the already existing monumental phurbas. Some introductory text on the history of monumental phurbas both in the Aro Gar and in the West (with a link to the page which is specifically dedicated to the two existing ones in Forchtenstein and Aro Khajong)

Construction plan

Here should actually come on the left hand side a picture from the construction plan from Trögyal and on the right hand side text which explains what we are aiming for. Larger – bigger – higher

Here a picture of the visit of Chökyi Wangchuk Rin’dzin Rinpoche and some text about his visit to Drala Jong and his divination process where the phurba should be positioned

Finally a photshop picture which has inserted the phurba already. Some text about the progress of our planning, how much money we have to raise, etc. The fundraising information per se

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