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Lineage holder of the Aro gTer Buddhist tradition

The Aro gTér Lineage of the Nyingma Tradition of Buddhism is uniquely suited to the West – in terms of being a non-celibate Dzogchen lineage which incorporates practice with the everyday secular world. It fosters gender equality founded on active appreciation. It teaches ‘vajra romance’ – romance as an essential practice; which is apt for the present and vital for the future. Both ordained and non-ordained practitioners engage with society, pursue careers, and enjoy family life. Emphasis is placed on the Arts, as creativity that extends into the broader spectrum of human endeavours, including the environmental, sartorial, and culinary Arts. In this, every human being can be an Artist in the most profound sense.

Buddhism in the West

Buddhist teachings for family and society

Buddhism, as commonly encountered, is monastically based – and thus not naturally aligned to contemporary culture. There is a growing need therefore, to establish a venue for receiving instruction that supports living within mainstream society. To that end, this lineage draws on the history of the 84 Tantric Adepts, amongst whom there was an entrepreneur, merchant, farmer, cattle drover, fisherman, weaver, restaurateur, raconteur, launderer, dancer, poet, musician, athlete, refuse collector, king, and soldier: people from every walk of society. Each one achieved the highest accomplishment.

The need to provide a facility where people can obtain inspiration without removing themselves from the world is clear. We are therefore looking to establish Drala Jong – a retreat centre in Wales where people can study with teachers, most of whom are married couples with children. Individuals will then be able to practise what they have assimilated – and return to their lives refreshed and invigorated. Open teaching retreats at Drala Jong will include guidance in systems of meditation, yogic song and music, physical yogas, romantic relationship – and, in the spiritual dimension of dance, art, and craft.

Aro gTér worldwide

Aro gTer international Buddhist sangha

To the general public, the Aro gTér tradition and its members offer talks, a course of classes, weekly meditation groups, several extensive websites, newsletters, a free online-meditation course with tens of thousands of subscribers and two publishing houses with a constant flow of book publications.

Currently, there are over 200 students (“apprentices”) residing in England, Wales, Scotland, the USA, Finland, Sweden, France, Germany, Austria, Hungary and Brazil who practise and study under the guidance of the lineage holders and spiritual directors of the Aro gTér tradition, Ngak’chang Rinpoche and Khandro Déchen, and their senior ordained disciples.

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