I remember reading these words was a revelation – for me, this is what this lineage is all about: The Art of Freedom. As a thangka painter and mother of two, this speaks volumes to me.

As long as we lack authentic awareness, freedom is a myth. We understand freedom in terms of following our own ideas and will, when mostly all we do is invest in our neurotic habits, prejudices, and emotional knee-jerk responses. We lack authentic freedom as long as we fail to co-operate with reality as it is.

As members of this lineage, we have a unique chance to discover the Art of Freedom, by engaging in Buddhist practice, by being out there in the world with open senses and open hearts, and by allowing unconditioned creativity to unfold, in terms of active compassion and communication. We can raise our children in an atmosphere of kindness and awareness, where they can liberate their true potential. This is the way we can make a real difference in this world.

Ngakma Déwang Pamo

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