A home for elderly practitioners

Buddhist practitioners who evolve to the point where they become teachers, normally have care available until they pass away.

Other knowledgeable and experienced ordained practitioners however, never become full time teachers and therefore lack the care of personal students.

We therefore intend to provide a venue in which the elderly ordained could be available to others in exchange for accommodation in an environment conducive to practice.

Several senior practitioners in the Aro Tradition have already committed to moving to the area in which Drala Jong will be established, so that they can contribute their time, knowledge and energy to the development of the Centre.

When so many elderly people grow old and die in isolation – the need to reverse this trend by creating a vibrant Buddhist community in and around the Retreat Centre is paramount.

The Drala Jong project seeks to create a home for the Aro gTér Lineage. Please see the Appeal page for more information about the Drala Jong project and how to help.