Hi, my name
is Chris Haydon and I am taking on the challenge of a 300 or so mile
walk from my home in Torpoint, Cornwall to a place in North Wales called
Craig-yr-Aderyn or Birds Rock.
300 miles equals 100 leagues in old units, or about 100 hours of actual walking time. It also represents a distance of 555 Km.
The project I ask you to support, should you wish to sponsor me, is to
raise the cost of buying and setting up the Drala Jong retreat centre. The target to raise
is £500,000 and currently about a third of this amount has been
There are, and have been, many attempts to translate the complex rituals
and practices of vajrayana Buddhism into a form that is more congruent
with modern western society. Some have been more successful than others.
Aro is fairly unique in that it is a relatively small lineage which
emphasises traditional teachings that work well in a modern context and
which furthermore seeks to ensure that these precious teachings can
survive in a modern world. In order to achieve this there is a need to
establish a physical base for disseminating these teachings, arts, and
crafting skills and preserve the artifacts associated with them. A place
that will help establish and develop this tradition in the UK.
For more information, and to donate, please see 100 Leagues and Total Giving