The Year of the Water Snake was a difficult and challenging time for many members of the Aro Sangha and yet still people made great efforts to support the Drala Jong Retreat Centre Appeal. This blog is to say thank you to those people.

During 2013 year Sang ngak chö dzong raised £25089

For those who gave direct donations – thank you 

For those who did sponsored activities, arranged book and other sales, made craft items – thank you 

For those who donated by sacrificing their retreat funds – thank you 

And in particular – thank you to those who made donations in memory of Robert E Lee Togden  – the current memorial appeal total is £10170 including the bequest from Robert himself of £8342

So what of the future? 

In the words of Ngak’chang Rinpoche and Khandro Déchen – 

The year of the Wood Stallion could be a year of impressive activity and extensive accomplishment for those who can relinquish their addiction to reptilian slithering. It could be characterised by the exhilaration of audacious adventures and puissant pursuits – with the sincere well-founded devotion of a horse’s vision, dramatic accomplishments become possible.   . . .   The year of the horse is one in which the energetic, enthusiastic, and cheerful will prosper – and in which the dull, greedy, and slothful will either rise to the occasion – or fall beneath the hooves of the inevitable. 

We hope to write to you soon of future fundraising opportunities – plans are afoot for balls, dinners, auctions, sales, treasure vases. We hope the year of the Wood Stallion will be one in which the vision of Drala Jong will be established for the benefit of everyone and everything everywhere.