Well, you lucky people, here is an opportunity for you to indulge your own artistic interests, your desire to acquire, AND your charitable spirit. 

Some of the calligraphies created by Ngak’chang Rinpoche for the talk in Bristol have found their way into our tender care, and we display them here for your delight and delectation, and most importantly your purchase!

Below are images of the last remaining calligraphies created for the Drala Jong appeal. . . get ’em while they’re hot!  Each of the calligraphies pictured here is for sale (bar the last one – see below) and each is a unique and original artwork.

Price: £150 plus postage and packaging (£4.99 UK, £9.99 airmail Rest of World)

Orders can be placed and payments made via the e-mail address at the top of this page.

Size: 30″ x 20″ (75cm x 50cm)

(Apologies by the way for my imperfect photographic efforts – I was unable to get a completely square-on shot of the artworks, despite standing on various pieces of furniture and trying various tacks.  I did think of trying to suspend myself from the chandelier to get a better angle, but realised that might have hurt my back – not least because we don’t actually have a chandelier).

Just as an aside – before proceeding – but did you know that the blog piece on the Scorpion Seal is the most read item on this site?

Anyway, on to the calligraphies. 

É Ma Ho:

(exclamation of delighted-surprise, wonder, or amazement)


Seed syllable
(2 available)
empyrean ebullience
(enrapturement, great joy, overjoyed, boundless beatific delight)

spatial wind
(the subtle motility  which animates being, breath, breathing, air, vital current [vayu / prana] the subtle energy which moves within the spatial channels)

magical radiance
(dynamic appearances generated through conjuring with energy of phenomena)
miraculous vision
(sGyu ’phrul ’drwa ba chen po’i ting ’dzin – meditative absorbtion within the interconnectivity-web of reality)
Seals central 
immensity of empty-potentiality
(that which allows all phenomena to arise, uncreated, unborn, unoriginated, non-produced, unmanufactured, unobstructed, devoid of artifice)
 vast expansiveness of reality
(space basis space, immensity, limitless scope, unboundedness)
spatial enchantment and miraculous orchestration of phenomena
(creation of apparitions, magical power and display, telekinesis / psychokinesis, et cetera)
miraculous vision
(sGyu ’phrul ’drwa ba chen po’i ting ’dzin – meditative absorbtion within the interconnectivity-web of reality)
Seals to the left
as it is – reality
(Dharma [and dharmas as in ‘phenomena’], teaching of Buddhas, religion [teachings / doctrine / scripture / text / tenet /precept] quality, attribute, characteristic, ability)
This is the only calligraphy which is not currently for sale.  You may notice both the fine profusion of ink spots, and accompanying Scorpion Seal – associated with Wrathfulness – and also the fact that this is the only calligraphy where the script lies outside of the circle.  When asked, Ngak’chang Rinpoche confirmed that this is the first time he has written script outside of the circle on any of his works.  Thus it is that this work is particularly distinctive – and particularly desirable.  Several offers have been made for this work, but none yet accepted, and the current thought is that it will be raffled auctioned at a charity dinner later this year.  If you wish to submit a speculative electronic bid for this work, you could chance your arm via the e-mail address above.  This *may* be the only calligraphy Rinpoche ever creates in this way in his lifetime. . .
[Update – this last calligraphy was sold by auction mid-2012, with a final bid several times higher than the normal sale price of the other calligraphies – thank you to those who bid]
BTW – Blues Masters up next.