Forget J-Lo we’ve got that ‘yojo’ mojo here at Drala Jong Radio.  yojohnnycowpunk has been good enough to donate some CDs for sale by the Drala Jong appeal.

yojohnnycowpunk’s page on Who’s who reads: ‘Ever since yojohnnycowpunk was a young boy playing air guitar in front of his bedroom mirror surrounded by the sounds, pictures and slabs of vinyl of his musical heroes, he dreamt of releasing a notable recording of his own songs. Something that he could hold in his hands and feel proud of. Although he couldn’t at that point even play a real guitar, hero worship and adulation seemed just a step away. Fast forward 20 years through a deep and unremitting love-affair with the guitar that survived near-digit amputation and a long stint on the road with no money and no 6-stringed friend, the debut and self-titled yojohnnycowpunk album hits the streets to wild and unrestrained enthusiasm from a tiny pocket of family, friends and pets. 10 tracks of unique cowpunk tunes full of love mayhem and samsaric madness.’

The recommended donation is £9.99 – but I’m afraid the CDs are only ENTIRELY EXCELLENT IN ALL RESPECTS so we are willing to force ourselves to accept donations of up to £999.

Send Paypal donations to and mark them ‘yojohnnycowpunk’ and we’ll be in touch to arrange mailing you a copy.

Am I partisan – well, yes I am.  Am I feeling particularly mercenary this morning –  well, yes I am indeed.  So, for those of you who trust me not one whit (and why wouldn’t that be you) try this:

Or, if that’s not enough for you, how about a bit of this instead, for a change of tempo (and yes, that’s YOU he’s singing about – so presumably that’s you singing back to him.  Nice voice):