We are delighted that Aro Ling Buddhist Centre (in Bristol, Great Britain) will be hosting a display of calligraphies by Ngak’chang Rinpoche on November 25th (start 7.30pm). The evening which will consist of a talk about ‘sky signatures’ and opportunity to purchase a calligraphy. All proceeds raised will go towards the Drala Jong Retreat Centre appeal.

All of the calligraphies on display have been created specifically for this event by Ngak’chang Rinpoche. Each is a unique piece, and no copies or prints have been taken of the works which are being displayed this evening.‘A sky signature is the ‘sky’, signing itself, within itself and out of itself.

“The ‘sky of one’s Being’ can ‘sign itself’ in its own dimension – for this to come about however, the experience of Mind must be identified with the sky; an expanse without limit. The nature of Mind is like the sky. Ideas and images that arise within it, are like clouds. Clouds appear and disappear, but the nature of the sky is unchanged. When a calligraphy can arise as freely as the play of clouds, then the sky of one’s being has signed its signature.”  – Ngakchang Rinpoche

In forthcoming posts on this blog we will look at further details of this beautiful art form.