Painted thangkas

Khandro Déchen (author, thangka painter and principle Lama of the Aro gTér tradition) explains what a thangka is and how it it is created.

Aro gTer history thangka

This Aro history thangka depicts the meeting of Aro Lingma (as Khandro Yeshé Réma) with ’a-Shul Pema Legden. ’a-Shul Pema Legden is shown in the thangka as Khalden Lingpa’s thangka painter – although this does not represent the manner of their meeting. Khalden Lingpa is displayed in the sky above Khandro Yeshé Réma and ’a-Shul Pema Legden, because it was he who was active in precipitating their meeting.

Vajrayana arts and crafts slideshow

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