May 2015

Drala Jong Interview with Ngak’chang Rinpoche and Khandro Déchen

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In 2011, the Drala Jong Blog published an interview, in three parts, with Ngak'chang Rinpoche and Khandro Déchen on the subject of Drala Jong. We thought it would be useful to highlight these articles for new readers. "[I]t doesn’t cost a lot to transform a place – such as painting a room the shrine room [...]

September 2011

Change is now overdue – (Interview – final part)

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Q: Rinpoche - can you talk a little about students in the context of personal retreat? In the Drala Jong brochure we describe the aspiration to build a dratsang. I understand this translates as ‘tantric college’.NCR: With a residential retreat centre we’d have a larger library. We would concentrate on developing that library, in order [...]

July 2011

The Drala Jong Interview – Part II

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Q: What sorts of teachings would a residential centre allow – would there be something new that isn’t currently possible to teach to the public at present? NCR: It is not so much about providing something new, as being something that gives enough time for certain practices. There are things you cannot teach in an [...]

The Drala Jong Interview – Part 1

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Q: What will Drala Jong be used for?Ngak’chang Chögyam Rinpoche [NCR]: Buddhism!Q: [Laughs] Sorry, silly question. What I really meant was that we already hire venues for both non-residential, and residential retreats. Why is buying our own place better than hiring places?NCR: Well, there’s simple pragmatics for a start. If we added up how much [...]

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