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The Drala Jong Interview – Part II

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Q: What sorts of teachings would a residential centre allow – would there be something new that isn’t currently possible to teach to the public at present? NCR: It is not so much about providing something new, as being something that gives enough time for certain practices. There are things you cannot teach in an [...]

The Drala Jong Interview – Part 1

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Q: What will Drala Jong be used for?Ngak’chang Chögyam Rinpoche [NCR]: Buddhism!Q: [Laughs] Sorry, silly question. What I really meant was that we already hire venues for both non-residential, and residential retreats. Why is buying our own place better than hiring places?NCR: Well, there’s simple pragmatics for a start. If we added up how much [...]

Book Review – Planet as Self – An Earthen Spirituality

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Sky McCain is a long-time supporter of the Drala Jong project. Later this year his work Planet as Self - An Earthen Spirituality will be launched.Having had sight of a sneak preview of the text, herewith is a review of his work.- - -One definition of stupidity is 'Doing the same thing over and over [...]

June 2011

The Books are Closing on Question Time

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Dear readers - thank you for your interest in Question Time with Ngak'chang Rinpoche and Khandro Déchen. We now have a range of questions to put to them on the subjects of Retreat and Retreat Centres in general, and Drala Jong in particular.I'll be closing the books on questions by mid-July, and aim to have [...]

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