Functions of the Venue

Drala Jong – as a venue – will facilitate:

  • Buddhist talks, courses, and retreats.

  • Presentations for the public— irrespective of Buddhist affiliation— on: healthy happy personal / marital / parental relationships; embracing emotions as meditation.

  • Buddhist physical exercises, dance, and martial arts.

  • Teachings on the Buddhist Arts including: iconographic painting, calligraphy, and tantric music.

  • Buddhist Crafts including: woodwork, metal work, ceramics, tailoring, and appliqué.

  • Teachings on the Contemporary Arts—particularly music and poetry— from a Buddhist perspective.

Drala Jong will also:

  • House a comprehensive library of Vajrayana books – extending our existing collection of over a three hundred books.

  • House a library of audio-visual teaching recordings, texts, art, and photography.

  • Provide a study venue for practitioners – both adults and children.

  • Found a teacher training centre for the next generation of non-monastic ordained teachers.

  • Establish a residential care centre for ageing practitioners to grow old in dignity and company – whilst providing opportunities to learn from their experience and insight.

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