Clean up after Storm Arwen

Storm Arwen Woodland Damage Emergency Appeal

Thanks to the generosity of a large number of donors we have raised so far almost one half of our £36,000 goal. The appeal lasts until Losar, the Tibetan New Year 5th March, 2022. We are still asking for your help. Please join us in our efforts to repair the damage done by Storm Arwen and donate now!

The impact of the damage resulted in a massive amount of work that is well underway, to clear the public access road and to make the woodland safe. The scale of the work is vast:

  • some 1000 trees have had to be cut, many up to 20 – 30 feet tall (10 – 12 metres)
  • the felled trees resulting in 10,000 tons of chip wood
  • the root plates have weighed up to a ton each
  • between five – eight people have been working on site at all times
  • using two excavators, a tractor with an industrial wood chipper
  • another two tractors with ten ton trailers to transport the woodchip and one tractor to winch the wood

The speedy and diligent work of the contractors meant that the public road was opened again already on the 12th January, bringing an end to the significant inconvenience and impact caused to our neighbours and community.

Further Action

We would like to spread word of our appeal to as wide a public as possible. If you would like to support the work further, perhaps you would consider yourself an ambassador by helping us publicise the appeal:

  • Let people know who you think might be interested
  • Share this page on Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Share our Totalgiving appeal page

As we promote the appeal, we would also like to convey something of the qualities of the vision of Drala Jong:

We translate ‘Drala Jong’ as ‘Sparkling Meadow of Primal Nondual Iridescence’.

  • Drala (sGra bLa / སྒྲ་བླ་ ) is the life and vigour of the land.
  • Jong (lJongs / ལྗོངས་ ) means a mountain valley or meadow.

When one learns to appreciate phenomena, the sense fields sparkle and an infinite capacity for generosity is born. This connects with others – hence,  kindness and appropriate action become effortless. The practice of Drala is a method of becoming aware of the sentient nature of the world. This is important at this time of climate change and increasing pollution. Enshrined in the idea of Drala Jong is this sense of responsibility for the world — and the activity which flows from this sense of responsibility.

It is our hope that Drala Jong will be both a place of great beauty and the host for a conflagration of kindness. Please consider donating now, as much or as little as you are able.