Drala Jong – Storm Arwen woodland damage emergency appeal

In late November 2021, Storm Arwen brought the most severe winds in decades to the UK. It caused widespread damage across the country. Its impact on the woodlands at Drala Jong was catastrophic, causing enormous damage in fallen trees, making parts of the land dangerous and inaccessible, and blocking road access for neighbours.

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Meanwhile the clean up of the damage has made good progress and we want to thank all donors who have helped to make this possible. The scale of the work is vast and there is still a lot to accomplish.

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Mae Drala Jong yn dod yn realiti

The 11th September 2019 was a historic day in the life of the Aro gTér Lineage. On that day we exchanged contracts to buy Pant-y-Porthman Farm near Llandysul.

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About Drala Jong

Drala Jong is a place where human beings can discover the pleasure of existence – the pleasure that animates the sense fields and revitalises the Arts – and the art of living.

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Aro gTér Tradition

Lineage holder of the Aro gTer Buddhist tradition

The Aro gTér Tradition of the Nyingma Tradition of Buddhism is uniquely suited to the West, as its emphasis is on integration with the world of work, family life, and gender equality founded on active appreciation.

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